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Portable Solar Power ... supplying power when and where you need it!

Give the gift that keeps on giving … the latest in portable power supplies; Voltaic Solar Backpacks, Voltaic Solar Chargers, Voltaic Solar Tablet Cases, and Solar Laptop bags! 

These Solar backpacks, Solar chargers and Solar tablet cases come with embedded solar panels that charge a state of the art battery pack and are able to charge your cell phone, iPod, GPS, DSI, Camera, iPad or even a laptop & more! The Solar backpacks and Solar chargers are tough, lightweight, waterproof and made from recycled materials. 

These super cool Solar backpacks, Solar chargers and Solar Tablet cases catch people's attention wherever you go and show your cutting edge style!

Never again experience a dead cell phone or important electronic devise. You have the power you need anywhere you go ... client sites, air travel,  golf course, school, camping, hiking, etc.

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